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SRC Recovery Wear

SRC Recovery Wear offers comfort wear for pregnancy to help with common pregnancy aliments such as pelvic girdle pain, back and hip pain. They also offer a range of postnatal wear to help speed up your recovery time.

Pregnancy Shorts


- Can reduce Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) and provide increased pelvic and back support

- Anatomical panels provide consistent gentle medical grade compression

- Lightweight breathable fabric


Recovery Shorts

- Can reduce pelvic and abdominal pain after both C-section and vaginal delivery

-Increase pelvic, back and abdominal  support

- Provide consistent gentle medical grade compression to
C-section or perineal wound areas

- Lightweight, breathable fabric


SRC Recovery Wear

EPI-NO Childbirth & Pelvic Floor Trainer

Adamson Physio provides instruction on how to use the Epi-No childbirth & pelvic floor trainer.


The EPI-NO is a childbirth and pelvic floor trainer. EPI-NO reduces the risk of tearing and episiotomy during childbirth by working with the natural pregnancy hormone Relaxin to prepare the perineum with gentle stretching exercises after Week 36. EPI-NO also conditions the pelvic floor muscles both before and after delivery. As an authorised seller I am able to sell and provide instruction on how to use the EPI-NO to try obtain optimal results in your labour.

TENS Machine Hire

A TENS machine can assist you to have a natural birth by providing effective and long lasting drug free pain relief.


When you hire the TENS machine through Adamson Physio, you are provided with full instructions on how to use the TENS machine allowing you to feel confident and comfortable with the machine before you use it in Labour.

TENS Machine Hire

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